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how we work

a simple process

Iterative, repeatable and measurable processes allow us to retrospect and adjust as we go along.

step 1


Iteration planning focuses on the planning and discussion of requirements and objectives of a project.

During the planning phase, we recap finished iterations and discuss anticipated needs moving forward

step 2


Iteration implementation is concerned with the analysis, design, and implementation of projects.

The Team can also test the functionality of the product in this phase as well

step 3


By measuring, we ensure the deliverable meets project requirements.

If certain criteria are not met, the team can move backward to the other phases for further improvements


we are experts in these areas

Our team has more than 40 years of combined experience

funnel optimization

Maximizing your conversion funnels can only happen when you experiment with each element of customer interaction, dig deep into the analytics and then optimize the design.

custom software development

Our competitive advantage has always been the ability to develop our own custom software to optimize the performance of our offers / campaigns. Now we're offering this service to selected customers.

tracking technologies

Funnel tracking is not one, single technology, rather the convergence of several technologies that can be merged to create systems that track different aspects through the customer's journey.

media buying

Our advertising experts will help boosting your sales using persuasive advertising and branding to distinguish your brand from the competition.

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MARCOS DOE, studio cms team

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